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Real estate law and litigation focuses on the legal issues that arise from real property transactions. Their expertise includes condominium associations and lease negotiations, as well as land use, property tax appeals and eminent domain. Real estate law and litigation focuses on the representation of parties entering into or involved in real estate transactions. The firm provides full-service counsel for buyers and sellers of real estate; non-owner lenders; investors and developers of commercial, residential, and Wade kricken mixed-use properties; municipalities looking to grant tax abatements for new development projects; and home builders, developers and lenders facing foreclosure or liens on property.

Real estate law and litigation is a complex area of the law. It encompasses the formation and enforcement of contracts, property development and transfers, disputes among owners, tenants and other parties, tax issues, zoning and other land use regulations, debt collection issues, bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosures. Real estate law governs the rights, obligations and legal relations among real estate brokers, their customers, and landlords. It is one of the fastest growing practice areas within the field of law, especially as it relates to the business of real estate. They help you achieve your goals by serving as a strategic advisor and legal partner in all aspects of real estate leasing and sales transactions.

Consult with Experts in the Field

A real estate law and litigation attorneys like Wade kricken have extensive experience representing the interests of landlords and developers in real estate agreements, transactions and disputes. These professionals include former judges and real estate attorneys with several years’ experience who are able to act quickly and effectively to build cases on behalf of your business.

Real estate law and litigation is a comprehensive, state-specific resource focused on real estate law. Real estate law and litigation is one of the most specialized fields in the profession. This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of real estate law and practice. From residential sales to commercial leases, from condominium law to property management, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of key issues that confront attorneys in each area of legal practice.