Medical Career Starts With An Accredited School By Dr. Philip Sobash

If you want to become a doctor, getting into an accredited medical school is critical and some schools may not be right for you and others might be too expensive or don’t offer the programs you want.
The best way to find out which school is right for you is by doing research on all the different options available in your area, state and country.
Get Involved In Campus Clubs And Organizations
In addition to attending class and studying, you should get involved in campus clubs and organizations as well as your involvement will allow you to make friends with people who share similar interests, which will help make the transition into medical school easier.
It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the school’s reputation before applying for acceptance.
If there are any pre-med societies on campus, join one or two of them and you can find out where they meet by asking around or checking their websites; many universities have these types of groups listed under student organizations on their websites if not directly linked.
Once there, speak with current members about what it was like being a freshman at this particular college/university and ask if they had any advice for anyone else thinking about joining such groups in future semesters.
Join A Volunteer Organization
If you’re interested in medicine according to Dr. Philip Sobash, volunteering is a great way to learn more about the field and many hospitals and clinics offer volunteer positions that can help build your resume and give you experience with various healthcare providers.
Volunteering can also help determine if medicine is right for you, since it allows you to see what doctors do on a daily basis.
Finally, volunteering may be useful for networking purposes: if someone important sees how hardworking or dedicated you are as a volunteer worker, they might remember those traits when considering hiring decisions later on down the line.
● Set goals for yourself and achieve them
● Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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