Jeremy Schulman: The Networking Guru

Jeremy Schulman is a highly experienced and skilled Commercial Litigation Attorney based in Bethesda, Maryland. With over two decades of experience in the field, he has established himself as one of the leading experts in complex commercial litigation. Mr. Schulman’s extensive legal knowledge and expertise make him a valuable asset to individual and corporate clients seeking counsel in various legal matters.
Mr. Schulman’s practice primarily concentrates on complex commercial litigation, international and domestic arbitration, internal investigations, and corporate counseling. His experience in these areas allows him to provide his clients with comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their specific needs. As a commercial litigator, Jeremy Schulman has represented various clients in various industries, including finance, technology, retail, and healthcare. He has a proven track record of successfully resolving complex legal disputes and achieving favorable client outcomes.
In addition to his commercial litigation expertise, Jeremy Schulman has extensive experience in international and domestic arbitration. He has represented clients in arbitral proceedings before numerous international arbitral institutions, including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Mr. Schulman’s experience in this area allows him to provide his clients with knowledgeable and effective representation in cross-border disputes.
Mr. Schulman’s experience in internal investigations is also noteworthy. Numerous clients have called upon him to conduct internal investigations into allegations of corporate fraud, corruption, and other illegal or unethical practices. Mr. Schulman’s experience in this area enables him to provide his clients with a comprehensive investigation that leads to a resolution of the matter at hand.
In addition to his litigation and investigation practice, Jeremy Schulman provides corporate counseling to his clients. He advises clients on various legal and business issues, including contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Mr. Schulman’s ability to provide practical and cost-effective legal solutions to his clients has made him a valued resource to companies of all sizes and industries.
Mr. Schulman’s commitment to his clients is unmatched. He takes a hands-on approach to each case, working closely with his clients to ensure that their needs are met and that they receive the best possible outcome. He is known for effectively communicating complex legal concepts in a way that his clients easily understand. He is always available to answer any questions they may have.