Dr. Michael Hilton provides primary care to treat your symptoms quickly and accurately

As a branch of medicine, emergency medicine has truly evolved with greater speed and scientific rigor to provide people with solutions to resolve times of great stress and urgency.
Emergency medicine is a specialty dedicated to providing immediate care or first aid, generally in unexpected situations or accidents, which allows initial treatment of any unforeseen injury until treated in the hospital unit.
And it is in this sense that he Dr Michael Hilton has a leading role when providing knowledge and putting into practice skills and experience in this area.
His experience and studies in the area allow him to assist patients with this need. He Dr. Michael Hilton investigates the possible origin of the discomfort in his patient, explores the presence of associated symptoms, and any type of trauma or injury to apply the correct care

Immediate attention

In addition to the ability to provide immediate emergency care, Dr. Michael Hilton applies a variety of tools to help people regain their health and treat their symptoms quickly and accurately.
In its role of providing first-line care, emergency medicine as an emergency physician is the one to practice resuscitation and stabilization of the patient. He is also in charge of doing the necessary investigations to obtain an initial diagnosis and treat diseases in the critical phase; in this way, he can also coordinate the care with the appropriate specialists.

The best primary evaluation

In general, the emergency doctor usually performs the first diagnostic evaluation; this way, he can determine the disposition regarding the need for the patient to be admitted to a hospital or if he only deserves outpatient observation, among others.
It is important to have an excellent specialist like Dr Michael Hilton who can make that initial diagnosis with an evaluation.
He is prepared to help patients in many hospital settings, providing emergency care in mobile units, intensive care units, clinics with primary care units, or urgent care.