Doctor Robert Stravinsky is a health professional trained to treat problems with muscles, joints, and nerves

Expert physiotherapists offer in-home service, but if you want to get out of the house, you can also get treatment at the therapy center run by doctor Robert Stravinsky. The big difference is that instead of spending hours at the physiotherapist under uncomfortable conditions, you have the most comfortable and exclusive options within your reach.
Many people have ailments in the lower back, and these discomforts are commonly first associated with bad positions, stress, and other environmental factors. Still, it often happens that until other symptoms begin to appear, they do not understand that they may be suffering from something tension-type.
To provide you with a solution and the best alternative, doctor Robert Stravinsky has the best team of specialists in physiatry that provides you with the best physiotherapeutic treatment as well as products and services for the management and treatment of the different symptoms of physical ailments. Do not allow yourself to reach the last stage of your symptoms, get further away from the chronic pain that would finally lead you to enter an operating room to take definitive corrective actions.

Minimizes side effects of treatments

Doctor Robert Stravinsky is a health professional trained to treat muscle, joint, and nerve problems attributable to injury or disease. His physical therapy program may include treatments in the therapist’s office and exercises you do at home. He is also trained to teach you ways to reduce and control pain.
Even Dr. Robert Stravinsky helps patients with cancer and other diseases. In these cases, one of his missions is to alleviate the side effects of treatments and drugs and the problems generated by the pathologies themselves.

A specialist with great knowledge

The patient with hemophilia requires a regular physical evaluation by a hemophilia physical therapist. Robert Stravinsky as a specialist knows the problems caused by bleeding in joints and muscles. Doctors are trained to plan a special program that considers your age, needs, and interests.